Citizenship Overview - EAEDC


To be eligible for EAEDC benefits, an individual must be:

A statement attesting, under penalty of perjury, to the truth of the information contained in the application, about the citizenship status of each citizen in the household who is applying for EAEDC benefits is part of the application.  The signature of the applicant verifies the information. 



Clients may sign their name anywhere on the signature page, not only on the signature line.


Verification of citizenship is permanent and can be self-declared.  Verification of the noncitizen status of a person who is included in the assistance unit must be completed at every application and reevaluation by checking SAVE.  The results from SAVE must be printed and scanned to the Document Production Center (DPC).  



The presence in a household of a member who does not meet the above criteria shall not prevent the remainder of the household from applying for and, if eligible, receiving benefits.



Noncitizen Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: June 29, 2018